Brooklyn Street Art

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Day 3: General Howe’s “Battle of Brooklyn 2010”

The Action: Plagued by second thoughts about General Howe’s strategy, Washington reshuffles the command in Brooklyn putting the popular Israel Putnam in command. However, “Old Put” is ill equipped both experientially and temperamentally for the task. Among the American forces digging i

Street Art Photographers: Capturing Ephemera Part 1

We’ve got a love affair going on right now with everything Street Art. Part of the reason we know so much about it is because we can see images of it on the Internet. And of course in books, magazines, in apps, and if you are lucky, on the street.

We have asked three of today’s active Street Art photographers; Luna Park, Becki Fuller and Stefan Kloo, to talk about their experiences and opinions to help us illuminate the relationship between Street Art and the photographers that document it. Together they have perhaps 25 years of shooting Street Art, thousands of miles on their kicks, and thousands of hours and dollars spent pursuing and presenting the explosion of Street Art that we have fallen in love with.

Cake And Patrick Seeley This Weekend At The Armory For: “Convergence NYC”

Cake Cake (© Jaime Rojo) I’d like to invite you to come see an installation Patrick Seeley and I created and will be showing at the Armory that opens this Friday.  It will be a part of a large show called Convergence NYC. The doors open at 9am, and it will be showing all weekend.  […]