Brooklyn Street Art

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Gaia in Atlanta For Living Walls As Captured By Jenna And Jayne

Jenna and Jayne spent the whole weekend working their phones, chasing after artists, getting soaked in the rain, dancing and taking in the Hotlanta air – which was filled with laughter, art, spray fumes and joy. They couldn’t resist the charms and the energy of New York Native street artist Gaia. Here Jayne explains, in her own words how she was inspired by watching Gaia enjoy the festivities and by seeing him busy at work. Jenna captured with her lens the product of all that creativity.

PaperGirl-NY: Free Art on The Street NOW!

If you are walking through NYC today and a stranger offers you a rolled tube of paper, you might normally wrestle them to the ground, sit on them and call Officer McKlusky. No you wouldn’t, but some people who live in a permanent state of Orange Alert would. PaperGirl is bringing a new way to […]