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Futura Talks: Completion of the “Kid” at PS11 with Os Gemeos

In a generous interview with Brooklyn Street Art, Futura talks about his four decade career, the birth of graffiti in NYC, his uncomfortable transition to fine art, working and playing with The Clash, and his greatest reward in life – his two grown kids.

Living Walls are Alive! : BSA Update from Atlanta

Living Walls Jenna Duffy and Jayne McGinn have been chasing Street Art in Atlanta and taking in the whole carnival of art that is The Living Walls Conference.  Jenna is an experienced fashion photographer and she has been capturing the amazing vibe with her camera while Jayne tell us in her own words what’s the […]

New NohJ Coley Piece Killed in It’s Infancy

Rapid Death of a Baby Farmer Infanticide A shocking true story from two centuries past provides the latest muse for Street Artist NohJ Coley, whose wheat-pasted intercedence on the behalf of infant victims lasts only one moon before it was washed away. Amelia Dyer put a thinly veiled ad for “adoption” in the Thames Valley […]