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Mid Summer Fun With Overunder, Labrona, White Cocoa, Gawd and ND’A

Mid Summer Fun With Overunder, Labrona, White Cocoa, Gawd and ND’A
Remember the lazy days of summer when we were kids, running around in August with our pack of friends making up sh*t to avoid boredom and to look busy so our parents wouldn’t make us do chores?

The excitement of July has passed and August will last forever.

All the stickball, hide-n-seek, and doctor games have gone a little old, like the garbage piled on the curb. The days of August require more creativity to keep us entertained: we insist on building bigger bike ramps, staging grander battles, concocting more complicated schemes that border on true mischief. Those thoughts came rushing back when we discovered the amazing art-fest that Overunder, ND’A, White Cocoa, Gawd and Labrona just smacked up. Imaginations are running wild.

Like a rambunctious pack of happy sweaty kids they are darting around behind trees and corners, counting to 20 and announcing, “Here I come!”. We want to be in the Secret Club of art making – where’s the tree house? Or is it a tepee? Or just somebodies older sister’s bedroom, covered with posters of Katy Perry and Young Jeezy? This new output is generous and inspiring. In a recent interview with Overunder he said “collaborations allow me to drop the draw-bridge and open up the work to new concepts, aesthetics, even accidents.” This stuff show how the draw-bridge has dropped and the concepts are skipping forth.