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Pure Evil Gallery Presents: NYC’s Specter Solo Show (London, UK)

Pure Evil Gallery Thursday August 05 at 7:00 pm Pure Evil Gallery 108 Leonard Street London, EC2A 4RH Please follow and like us:

Lab 24/7 Presents: Pop Up Studio: The Dawn of Cellograff

Lab 24/7 They say that people shouldn’t put up walls. We disagree. Lab 24/7, Coup D’etat BK and Street Level Initiative Present… POPUP STUDIO: THE DAWN OF CELLOGRAFF Witness the latest innovation in graff, popup events and all things DIY as four artists paint live on temporary shrinkwrapped, cellophane walls. CelloGraff’s a game changer, providing […]

Joshua Liner Gallery Presents: 2010 Summer Group Exhibition

Joshua Liner Gallery We are pleased to present the 2010 Summer Group Exhibition showcasing 24 artists, including established gallery regulars, emerging artists, and newcomers to Joshua Liner Gallery. The exhibition will feature painting, assemblage, drawing, and sculpture, with works by: Cleon Peterson,  David Kassan,  Dennis McNett,  Evan Hecox,  Ian Francis,  James Roper,  Jeremy Fish,  Jessica […]

Electric Windows 2010; Street Arts and Community

Sure, there are a lot of things wrong with our country these days. People are hurting financially, are losing homes and jobs, feeling insecure – and obstructionists fight against every possible people-centered bill that comes up in our legislative branch. Our sad legacies of racism and classism are stoked to pit us against one another rather than moving toward an equitable future for everyone. If you were to never go outside and only gathered your news from Yeller TV you might get the worldview that we are in an intractable war with one another. But the State of our Union is on Main Street, not cable.

Main Street in Beacon, NY for example. Electric Windows, the Street Art event put together by the tireless duo Dan and Kalene (owners of the Open Space Gallery) and three other friends, is a prime example of what’s good in our country these days. Appreciation for the creative spirit that lies inside each person brought together a large and a very diverse group of people to this small town on Saturday. Music (live and DJ), street dancers, screen printing on your clothes… Folks were moved, changed, challenged and inspired by the art being made in front of their eyes: Unrestricted, unfiltered and in direct contact with the artists that were creating it.