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Images of the Week 08.01.10

Street Art continues to redefine itself as the artists’ approach to finding an audience embraces the direct-to-viewer paradigm. These are exciting times in Summer 2010 as every week produces stuff we’ve never seen before, from names previously unknown. These new voices are joining the conversation at a feverish pace, mostly due to the warm weather. But it’s more than just the weather.
In this week’s Images of the Week we present a brand new kid on the block, figuratively speaking. White Cocoa is the name, and these finely rendered pencil drawing series with washes appeared in Brooklyn last week with a quiet bang. Impossible to ignore, the personalities of the subjects nearly yell to you above the the cacophony of their surroundings. Are these sketches, studio drawings, or finished pieces? One cannot know for sure but their placement make them feel like the latter.
To open and close this week’s segment we offer you two very good examples of the work that veteran Aussie street artist Miso just put on the streets of Brooklyn as well. The austere portraits of women show us how less is best sometimes. The artist’s use of economical fine pencil lines to for detail on the subject’s faces and headwear offers stark contrast to their paper cut-out ensembles. The juxtaposition of these two dignified women at different stages, rendered tone on tone against the urban backround without pretension are singular in placement.