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Sweet Sueño and a Photographic Memory-Merging in Black and White

“It’s like the jungle,” was the first thing that Marco Sueno said to me as we walked through the thick, hot Atlanta air was, Marco is from the jungle. His sense of humor and passion transcend the language barriers the Peruvian artist and I endured as I struggled to remember the Spanish classes I took (and failed) in college and he polished his English. Most of the time I spent with Marco was fun, including watching a game of “Marco Sueno”, as apposed to Marco Polo, in the pool with the other artists and teasing him that he looked like a sniper lying in the grass to take pictures of the people congregating outside Eyedrum, but Marco is serious about his artwork.

Images Of The Week 08.29.10

Our Weekly Interview with the street; this week featuring Anera, Feral, Indigo Blue, Love Billy, Mr. DiMaggio, OverUnder, and White Cocoa
Street Art

Day 6: FINAL: General Howe’s “Battle of Brooklyn 2010”

On this day, August 27th, hundreds of soldiers were killed and hundreds more taken prisoner down to the Wallabout Bay (Navy Yard). During the night on the 29th the remaining Patriots escaped across the river by boat to Manhattan while the Brits hunkered down only a few hundred yards away.

Fun Friday 08.28.10

Salute to Freedom of Religion (and from it) Here in downtown New York the heated public discussions over a planned community center serving Muslim New Yorkers has been greeted by hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons from his apartment windows to viewers on the street. Seeing these various symbols of many of the world’s belief systems is […]

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