Brooklyn Street Art

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Curbs and Stoops Presents: “Something Good” An Inaugural Group Show

Curbs and Stoops If you’re the type who let’s the media decide how you feel about the world, you might be inclined to feel pretty negative about the state of things. Wars are raging, stocks are falling, and the environment has gone to shit. But those of us who turn the volume down on network […]

Turner Galleries Presents: Kyle Huges-Edgers “You Just Have Your Eyes Closed” (Perth, Australia)

Turner Galleries Kyle Huges-Edgers Kyle Huges-Edgers’ solo show at Turner Galleries Opens on August 13 at 6:00 PM Please follow and like us:

Geoff Hargadon on the Scene (and behind it) for la Revolución

Unprecedented Access to an Unprecedented Street Art Show The Street Art photographer gives us a personal look with some of his favorite shots in a photo essay on “Viva La Revolucion” Shepard Fairey in action on Kettner Street not far from the museum (© Geoff Hargadon) It’s very exciting to be a part of a […]