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ROA ROA a Solo Exhibition Opening Reception May 14th, 7-10pm This May, Factory Fresh goes wild as it opens its doors to the zoetic art of Belgium-born artist ROA. The artist’s organic animal forms, huge in both their reputation and impact, will grace the walls of the gallery this May, reminding spectators of the forgotten [...]

Bike Cozy for Nostalgic Irony-Free Hipsters and Home-Knitters

The god-forsaken winter has blown back for a few days and the wicked wind nearly blew me into the security cage on the Williamsburg Bridge last night as I ducked the turbine-strength gusts and clumps of city-debris blowing through the air. You know that scene from “American Beauty” where the creepy neighbor dude shows the innocent nubile teen his home video of a bag being blown around by the wind in a non-sensical but poetic way? Okay, multiply that by 50 and throw in asbestos and a few broken umbrellas and you have BROOKLYN last night.
And for these chilly late spring mornings… Wouldn’t it be great if you could go out to your bike in the morning and find that it’s all warm and snug and ready for you to climb on? Consider the Bike-Cozy.

It beats starting it up and leaving it running for ten minutes before you go out – and better for the environment too!
It beats starting it up and leaving it running for ten minutes before you go out – and better for the environment too.


Swoon Goes to Zambia to Teach and Create

In March Brooklyn Street Artist Swoon, artist Matt Small, gallerist Mike Snell (of Black Rat Projects), and blogger RJ Rushmore (of all went to Kabwe, Zambia to teach art classes at a school called Robert Shitima School. The classes covered a variety of art-making techniques including print-making, linotype carving, portraiture and collage.

One of the students that Swoon met
One of the students that Swoon met in Zambia

A shanty-town about 130 km north of Lusaka, the capital, the population of Makululu is estimated at 80,000 people and is frequently referred to as one of the worlds largest slums. Many of the students at the Robert Shitima School are from the town and are orphaned and/or live on the streets.

A cut paper piece by Swoon
A cut paper piece by Swoon at the school.

Swoon and Co. were at the school thanks to Zamcog, a non-profit with a less than 2% overhead, that is working to create sustainable change through improved educational opportunities. Children receive K-9 schooling at no cost at the non-denominational facility, which is run by The Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

One of Swoon’s mirrored pieces.
One of Swoon’s mirrored pieces.

The approximately 200 kids were very excited to learn new art-making techniques and to use the art supplies the team brought to share. Said RJ, “They were painting their bikes, found wood, the occasional piece of paper and anything they could get their hands on.” At this point the school is working to provide more basic needs for the students, so the three days that the students learned about art were an uncommon opportunity to engage in their creative side.

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To learn more about Zamcog, go HERE

(all photos courtesy Heather Macionus)

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