Brooklyn Street Art

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Jef Aerosol in NYC: New Basquiat Stencil The First Icon of His Visit

One week from his debut solo show in New York, internationally known Street Artist Jef Aerosol showed his love for NYC with a large stencil tribute to one of Street Art’s recognized inspirations, Jean-Michel Basquiat. From some of the newest kids on the scene to guys like Aerosol, who has about 30 years in the […]

Fun Friday 01.22.10: Conor Harrington, Bert & Ernie Gangster Rap, Chor Boogie, Banksy, and Animals V. Dominoes

Fun Friday 01.22.10 Conor Harrington: From Graff to Fine Art with a lot of Style, Yo! <<<  >> <<<<<<    >  > >>>>> GANGSTER RAPPERS Bert & Ernie – They go HARD! <<<< >> >>>>> < .>>>>>>>> Chor Boogie from the Left Coast is Super Chill – Let’s Do Some Yoga As as an unrelated aside, […]