Brooklyn Street Art

…loves you more every day.

Mayor Mike A.K.A. “BLOOMIE” caught Tagging Tats Cru

Street Signals Turning his face away from the camera so he could not be identified, writer BLOOMIE catches a tag across a Tats Cru piece. (photo courtesy Tats Cru) Okay, things are not always what they seem – this was a legal spot peeepull!  But it is a funny sort of recognition of the place […]

Trusto Corp, Kid Acne and EMA Trample Through Brooklyn

Aided by Kid Acne’s small army of sword wielding vixens and EMA’s genteel mustachioed dude, Trusto Corp left some words for thought on the streets of Williamsburg. Geez it’s great to be back home in the freezing bitter city!  What have we missed? Went parading through the ever-changing Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn yesterday and BAM, […]