Brooklyn Street Art

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PANKABESTIA Punk Beasts of the Swimming Cities A retrospective of “Swimming Cities of Serenissima”

As the 53rd Venice Biennale enters its last days and the world’s art community reflects, Anonymous Gallery, curator Spy Emerson and the artist SWOON provide a glimpse of what critic Jerry Saltz called “…The most moving moment I had at the Biennale…” “Pankabestia: Punk Beasts of the Swimming Cities of Serenissima”, is a retrospective of […]

Inside the “ShineBox” With Rae McGrath from Brooklynite

A truly original and dynamic group show draws attention to what it means to survive in a shrinking economy. Shoe- shiners and Artists to the rescue! photo credit: Adam Jones, Ph.D. While you are waiting for Obama to do something Rooseveltian to replace the jobs our economy has been hemorrhaging for years, Rae and Hope […]