Brooklyn Street Art

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Images of the Week 10.04.09

Our Weekly Interview with the Street $469? I can’t pay that much for a sports coat!  I just need it for an interview anyway, I’m not going to wear it hardly. (Bast, KRSNA) (photo Jaime Rojo) A flash of calf makes me flushed and tingly with excitement (Bishop 203) (photo Jaime Rojo) Blu at Deitch […]

Subculture Capital at Anonymous Gallery

Subculture Capital RONNIE CUTRONE . RAMMELLZEE . KOSTAS SEREMETIS . ROSTARR Gallery Exhibition: OCTOBER 14 – NOVEMBER 15 OPENING RECEPTION:  OCTOBER 14  6-9 PM Popular culture most typically refers to the broad spectrum of general society whose ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images and other phenomena are deemed preferred within the mainstream. However, most often these perceptions originate from […]