Brooklyn Street Art

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Nuart Update * 5 Pieces Underway in Stavanger * Choe, Hicks, Stain, Swoon, Skewville

“From Humble Beginnings We Built Our Empire” Okay, not to get carried away – and anyway there are a fair number of anti-empire peeps out there….The next phase of Nuart begins tonight and street artists from New York have started in earnest deep into the Norwegian night to bring the best of Brooklyn to the […]

Week in Images 09.06.09

Our Weekly Interview With the Street Michael (Bast) (photo Jaime Rojo) How come every time we start to talk about something important she has to take a call? (Bishop 203) (photo Jaime Rojo) The guy in this WK Interact motion picture also seems put off by this obsession with digital devices (photo Jaime Rojo) Fat […]