Brooklyn Street Art

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NUART 09 UPdate: Leon Reid IV lecture on Personal Timeline from Graff to “Street Art” to “Public Art”

David Cho is featured Artist on cover of Nuart 09 Publication GRAFF -> STREET ART -> PUBLIC ART The first images out of our Sister City Stavanger’s Nuart Festival are starting to come in, and they start off with Part I of Leon Reid IV‘s talk which has just been posted.  Artists and historians like […]

Images of the Week 08.30.09

ur Weekly Interview with the Street Summer Geometric Abstraction (photo Jaime Rojo) C215 with an OverUnder flyby (photo Jaime Rojo) Who holds the key to this Tainted Lovebox? (Deeker) (photo Jaime Rojo) Sacer as interpreted by Deitch (photo Jaime Rojo) Gats and Gaia (photo Jaime Rojo) Double Cows (Gaia) (photo Jaime Rojo) Reminds me of […]

Street Signals 08.29.09

Skewville Unveils New Website After being in development for 13 years, Droo says the new Skewville site is ready to roll! Actually, that’s not how long it took to build the site – just it’s content.  This roll-through left-right scroller is a quick primer for the uninitiated on the history and accomplishments of Skewville and […]

Yous Guys Doin’ Anything Fun This Weekend?

Yeah man, my boys and I are gonna get out of the city and go camping up in the woods on a lake or somethin’.  Hiking, swimming, head-banging like wild cavemen to imaginary metal classics while fanning the camp-fire with a boat oar…. Please follow and like us:

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