Brooklyn Street Art

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“The Great OutDoors” with Luna Park at ArtBreak Gallery

A true street art Opening in Brooklyn, with shutters open wide and many doorways to contemplate. A collection of 30 artists on the street art scene are contributing to the vision of the adoorable Luna Park and her co-curator Billi Kid.  Ms. Park, a well-travelled street art photographer who calls Brooklyn home, is among a […]

Images of the Week 04.26.09

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Monsters and Coppers and Snot on a Doornob; Bortusk Leer

Slightly creepy, joyful, energetic and mischievous like the kid who pushed your sister off the monkey bars in 5th grade, Bortusk Leer’s street monsters don’t give a toot about your deep dark thoughts and ruminations, as they run past you and smack you on the fanny.   The nursery class primary colors and the bold surprised […]

Portrait of a First Lady: Billi Kid and Sticker Collabs

Maybe it’s history in the making, or myth-making, maybe it’s unending fascination with celebrity, but many artists, street artists included, have produced art about Obama in the last 12 months. The new administration is a machine in motion this spring, and while the haterz are looking for ways to play down Obama’s successes, his missus […]

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