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Week in Images 02.22.09

We’ve been a little busy on that “Street Crush” KRAZEE-ness for a few weeks, so we thought everyone should just take it easy, and not put up any work on the street until we could get back out there and take a look around. Well, that didn’t really work very well, did it? What the […]

Rock On! Sticker Madness at Ad Hoc With Martha Cooper Going Postal

Long before Flickr was a Flicker in your daddy’s eye, Martha Cooper was “all-borough” out on the streets and subways of New York with her camera capturing and documenting the legacy of graffiti images for future generations. A quarter century later, Ms. Cooper picked up her first digital camera and found it’s diminutive size and […]

The Street Crush Artists

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Crash and Daze at Ad Hoc

CRASH & DAZE May 15th through June 14th 2009 Opening Reception: Friday, May 15th 2009 A contemporary of Keith Haring and a modern-day master of this present day art form, Crash One shoots his metaphorical arrows into art galleries, subway cars and dizzying flashes across concrete walls. His is a lavish gift to the eyes […]

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