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Life is Like a Box of “Delineations”

Ad Hoc is currently hosting a chocolate box full of delectables: An array of mostly hand-drawn early renderings by a number of artists (street artists and not) – graphite, ink, colored pencil, charcoals, acrylic, paper, cardboard and wood. “Delineations” is a tastily curious assortment that, upon close examination, reveals what you may have already known: […]

Hey you kids, stay away from the ledge! Chris Stain is on the Roof with the Pigeons

Chris Stain prepares for his upcoming show at Carmichael. He talks to us about where the inspiration came from for the upcoming show… Brooklyn Street Art: The name of the show came from something your grandfather used to say: What was he talking about? Chris Stain: “Up on the roof countin pigeons” was a reply […]

LA II New Panels at Woodward Gallery Project Space

Walking along in lower Manhattan (yes, that is part of Brooklyn, people) you will notice a smart installation across from Woodward Gallery on Eldridge Street that they like to call their project space. It’s brand new, and it is by LA II, who showed new work at the A MAZE show in November at Factory […]

Images of the Week 01.25.09

A look at some of the weeks finds from the gallery on the street. Please follow and like us:

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