Brooklyn Street Art

…loves you more every day.

The Week in Images 08.17.08

This two panel installation on the corner of North 8th and Driggs appeared, mysteriously disappeared, and re-appeared within one week!  Stories abound – but our favorite one is that construction dudes took it down to access the work-site and kind of damaged it, so they reinstalled the panels stronger and more solidly than before.  That’s […]

The Week in Images 08.10.08

Kutztown’s Favorite (NohJ Coley)         (photo Jaime Rojo) Fifty years after his birth in Kutztown Pennsylvania, NY street artist Keith Haring is paid tribute on the streets of Brooklyn by a nascent leader of the new generation. Please follow and like us:

Broken Crow – One Week In Brooklyn

Once you’re in the thick of it, summer in Brooklyn is about getting out of your hot apartment and sitting on the stoop with yer homies, watching the short-shorts and long legs walking by. You may hit the Siren Festival in Coney Island for the loud music and cold beer (and the Cyclone if you […]

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