Gilf! and Friends in Williamsburg

“It’s so rewarding to know that we’re positively influencing the community by doing what we love,” says Street Artist Gilf! as she reflects about a bit of wall painting she organized this weekend in Williamsburg.  “The best part of getting this fantastic lineup of artists in one place was the community’s super positive reaction. I was blown away- not only at the amazing pieces that everyone created, but also the neighborhood’s response.” On board were Cake, Gilf!, Joe Iurato, LNY, Veng (RWK), and special guests from Iran, Icy & Sot.

ICY & SOT (photo & Jaime Rojo)

Gilf! getting up (photo & Jaime Rojo)

Gilf! (photo & Jaime Rojo)

Joe Iurato . LNY (photo & Jaime Rojo)

J0e Iurato (photo & Jaime Rojo)

LNY (photo & Jaime Rojo)

Sometimes looking at a piece I just get a lump in my throat. Cake (photo & Jaime Rojo)

Veng RWK (photo & Jaime Rojo)

Veng RWK (photo & Jaime Rojo)

Sophia Maldonado (photo & Jaime Rojo)

Sophia Maldonado (photo & Jaime Rojo)

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